We utilize modern marketing solutions to help grow your business by redefining your online strategy

 Who is Leverage Interactive Marketing?

We are different from 98% of other Charlotte marketing agencies, let us explain why.

We use a hybrid approach combining the best practices from Web Design, SEO, Internet Marketing and Agile development to get your business results.  Instead of offering a plethora of services, we’ve refocused our core elements putting our energy into services that provide the best return on investment.  The future is 100% on the web so you need to focus on areas that have amazing long-term potential to grow small businesses.    

We know that growing a small business in Charlotte is tough so that’s why we want to be your trusted partner during your journey. 

Why do you need to work with us?

Industry stats show that over 93% of customers are searching for what they need online.   For example, we all know that the most important factor in the Real Estate industry is “Location, Location, Location”. Well guess what?  In the world we live in, prime real estate is your customers smartphones.  Your customers are on their smartphones way more and longer than using desktop computers so why not improve your website or get a web app to tap into that prime location?  

Here are some of the many ways that we work with local businesses in and around Charlotte. 

First, by looking at your website.  Stop using that old static website that hasn’t been improved in years as the traditional website strategy is severely broken!   Another way, is working with us to develop a Progressive Web App will allow your business to be in the hands of your customers at all times.   

Just reach out to us for a discovery session so we can help you grow your company using solutions that work. 

 Helping you attract, convert, close, and keep your customers coming back for more is our # 1 priority.  


Always Improve using methods utilized in Scrum 

Mobilize your 24/7 sales team aka Website and Progressive Web App

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Web Design

Does  your website help you gain new customers?

  Your website is more than just an online business card or informational site, working with us we can help you attract more leads that you can convert into loyal raving fans and customers in Charlotte. We want to be your preferred Charlotte web design firm that helps you sell more!


Web Apps

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Location, Location, Location!

Keep customers engaged with your brand. Make sales from their phones. Create Rewards programs that foster long lasting customers. 

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